Mission of the forum

The ANTON FAISTAUER FORUM's main purpose is to update the artist's catalogue of works, to thoroughly investigate his biography and to also publish its findings from such research in a series of special editions. The first edition due to be released in November 2004 is on Faistauer's frescos in a local chapel in Maishofen (Stablbergkapelle).

Education in Art will furthermore be a main focus of the society. For members art talks and guided tours to museums and exhibitions will be organized, for children and young people the society will develop special art programmes. In the long term the Forum wants to extend this initial focus on Anton Faistauer to further related topics (for example "The Art of Painting in Austria between the two World Wars in an International Context" or "Architecture in Pinzgau in the 1920's and 1930's", etc.).

Moreover the bond with present times will be formed by presenting contemporary young artists to the public.

Anton Faistauer Forum
Dokumentation, Interpretation und Präsentation der Werke von Anton Faistauer (1887-1930)