Foundation of the forum

The ANTON FAISTAUER FORUM was formed on the painter's historical date of birth in spring 2004. Anton Faistauer, born on 14th February 1887 in St Martin near Lofer, was raised in Maishofen - both villages are located in Pinzgau, a region in the province of Salzburg in Austria - and is also buried there. He is one of Austria's most remarkable representatives of the Classical Modern Art. With the foundation of the charitable society ANTON FAISTAUER FORUM the founding members – a group of local people from Maishofen – intend to in-crease local as well as international awareness for the artist and his oeuvre.

Members of the board of the society are:

  • KR Josef Faistauer (Chairman)
  • Mag. Wolfgang Rieder (Vice-Chairman)
  • Dr. Anne-Katrin Rossberg (Academic Research)
  • Johanna Neumayer (Public Relation)
  • Mag. Julianna Neumayer (Treasurer)
  • Heinz Meditz (Secretary)
  • Erika Bichler (Accountant)
  • Karl Portenkirchner sen. (Accountant)



Anton Faistauer Forum
Dokumentation, Interpretation und Präsentation der Werke von Anton Faistauer (1887-1930)